How to Check Your Credit Report For Free



There's been a lot of commercials lately for the advertisements but the thing is the credit report is not actually free. It is a bit misleading. You can go to the site and try it for yourself, but unless you pay them, you won't be able to get your credit report. I can, however, show you how you can get an actual free credit report.


Do you shop from a same store every time? Are you tempted to go for the store credit card to get some benefits like discounts cards, birthday rewards, shopping points, etc? This may seem a very lucrative offer, but think again, this might damage your credit rating.


Some businesses have slow paying customers or past due balances because they didn't "train" their customer in the beginning. It is important that your customers know your credit policy and/or your terms of payment before they become customers. Reiteration of your credit policy, when payment is overdue, is a good step to take in trying to obtain payment. Always ask for payment when it is due.